Thinking of listing your home?

Let us make it easy for you!

Hire Team Boerne!

We provide experience and knowledge in selling your property in Boerne, TX.

Know your property’s value as it stands.  Ask your Team Boerne agent the pros and cons of updating or changing out carpets, paint, etc. Your desire is to make money, not spend it on selling your home. We can help you find out what is important or what can wait.

Take a Walk Through of your home with us and we can look together for any repairs that can be easily done before listing so you can sell quickly and prevent some items popping up on buyer’s inspections.  

De-Clutter and De-Personalize your home. 

Declutter and De-personalize your home. Buyers are easily distracted by family photos and will have in their mind your family living there instead of imagining themselves moving in! Also, you are MOVING…so pack away those knick knacks and interesting collections.  Remember, they are purchasing the house, not your stuff!  

Remove or reposition furniture to make rooms appear larger and an easy pathway for buyers to walk.  Try to avoid making a room feel small and tight. Most people today are looking for Open and Spacious living spaces.  Even the largest room can feel cramped!

Closets need to have everything off the floor except organized shoes. Shelving needs not be crammed and clothes need some “breathing room” so space hanging clothes somewhat.  Storage is important to maximize in any house!

  • Kitchen should always be clean and counters cleared, With the exception of that Coffeemaker because we all know how important that is to have in the morning! This is square footage for a chef!
  • Bathrooms. Fresh towels, Clean sinks and counter tops, no dirty laundry, minimal shampoo or soap bottles is what excites a buyer.  Commode seats down.
  • Bedrooms, no clothes lying around, beds made (yes, now you have an excuse to tell your kids to make their bed every day!)   A messy room tends to turn buyers off. They don’t want to walk over clothes or toys, so they may not see that extra large walk in closet or notice the size of the room.
  • Game room, while the best room in the house for kids, the toys and games need to be neatly stored so that the buyer can see their mega game room in their minds.
  • Garages, well because we are in Texas, it’s the “Texas Basement”…where most of the time it’s a storage room not a car park.  And it’s cheaper and more convenient to put that extra furniture in while selling.  Leave at LEAST enough room to at 1 car…this will show the size of the garage and not just appear that the house has NO storage space!
  • Yard and Curb appeal.  Wow, big deal here.  What is the first thing buyers see?  The Front yard and Front Door!  Does it say HEY Come on in! or Whoa! Not today partner.  Grass green, flower pots with bright flowers (even if you just bought them because we are not all green thumbs) but color is important! Dust away the cobwebs and wasps nests on the front porch.  Clean the Front Door and revitalize the wood if need be! Welcoming buyers inside is important. This can be the one place they stand still and look around for 3-4 minutes while their realtor opens the house!

Ready to Show

When you are finally ready to start showings, Blinds should be open, lights on and music (light music) should be playing.  Don’t forget to have Rover and Kitty in a kennel or removed for showings.